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Do you have any doubts about the paternity of your child? Do you need to get answers quickly and in full confidentiality? DNA testing may be the first step in obtaining those answers. DNA Tests from OPTIMAL LAB TEST can help you establish paternity or a variety of other family relationships. As with all our personal testing options, Optimal Lab Test provides fast, accurate, affordable test results with outmost confidentiality.

Trustworthy and Quick DNA Testing Results
Optimal Lab Test offers trustworthy and quick service for DNA Relationship testing. As we understand the importance of accurate and reliable DNA test results, we provide certified and precise results quickly and efficiently. We have partnered with some of the country’s leading CLIA certified diagnostic, DNA, and toxicology labs. This enables us to deliver you the most precise test results you can wholly rely upon.

Why You Need DNA/Relationship Testing?

There can be numerous reasons for which you may need DNA testing. In some cases, you may need it to prove the maternity or paternity of your child for child custody cases, while in others, you may need it for applying and processing immigration visa applications. You may need it to uncover the infidelity of your partner, or perhaps you are curious to know about your ancestry. In all such cases, DNA testing offers a fast and dependable way to unveil the hidden truth and achieve your objectives.

DNA/Relationship Testing Services We Offer

At Optimal Lab Test, we offer non-invasive and advanced DNA testing procedures to provide you with fast and correct results. Our DNA testing results are 99.99% accurate, which are kept entirely confidential between you and us. The DNA testing services we offer include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Paternity testing ———Informational $199———-Legal/Court Admissible $299
  • Prenatal Non-invasive—–$1575
  • Maternity testing—–Informational $199—-Legal/Court Admissible 359
  • Grandparentage Testing—–Informational $379—–Legal/Court Admissible $499
  • Siblingship Testing—–Informational $375
  • DNA testing for Origins Ancestry—–$179 +Immigration —–Call for details +Infidelity testing—-Call for details
  • Forensic services—-Call for details
  • And others

Complete Discretion, Confidentiality, and Privacy Ensured

Our professionals at Optimal Lab Test perform the test using the simple yet advanced cheek swabbing technique. This non-invasive technique needs just 10-15 minutes and gives you fast and completely reliable results. As an established testing lab, we are highly-concerned about your discretion, privacy, and confidentiality. We handle all DNA tests with complete confidentiality, giving you peace of mind that your personal information is in safe hands.

AABB Testing for Most Precise Results

Our Lab has received AABB accreditation, which means that we take two samples for DNA

Our Lab has received AABB accreditation, which means that we take two samples for DNA testing instead of taking just one. This practice enables us to independently compare as well as cross-check the samples to provide you with the most precise and accurate results you can confidently rely upon. Our experts take the utmost care while conducting the test to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Do You Think It’s Heavy on Your Pocket? Think Again!

Most of you might think that DNA testing is an expensive affair. With Optimal Lab Test services, it is not. Our certified and experienced lab testing experts give you personalized DNA lab testing services at the most affordable prices. We strive to make high-quality DNA testing more accessible to the masses through our outstanding services and pocket-friendly prices. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our testing services, which removes any doubts you may have in your mind.

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