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Get the Most Accurate and Reliable Blood Test Results

If you are an allied health or university student, you may need to undergo blood testing to determine your vaccine titers or for alcohol or drug usage sooner or later. It is a mandatory requirement for students as well as athletes as they enter the professional fields.

We provide fast turn-around student screenings and testing service in Houston. At Optimal Lab Test, we understand the importance of student and athlete test results for you. We offer the most accurate and reliable test results, which you can proudly present to your collage or sports authorities. Schedule your students screenings and testing Houston now!

Fast and Dependable Student Testing Services

As a student, you are required to demonstrate clearance from drugs/ alcohol abuse when you enter the practical life. Without a reputable drug or alcohol test results, schools may not accept you in their program, which may cause trouble in starting your professional career.

Optimal Lab Test is dedicated to help you gain a confident start to your career with our fast and most dependable test services. We offer a range of student lab tests and give you accurate results in a completely private and confidential way. Our students screenings and testing Houston lab includes but is not limited to, the following:

Vaccine titer: Mumps, Measles, Rubella (MMR), Varicella, Heb B, etc.

  • Tuberculosis: TB blood Test or PPD placement
  • Drug Test for instant results -5,10, or 14 panel tests
  • Testing for employment applications
  • Testing to apply for internship applications
  • Participation in collegiate athletics
  • The application process for graduation
  • And many more!
students screenings and testing Houston

Schedule your student testing services now or opt for a walk-in test to get it done immediately for guaranteed fast and accurate results!